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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Tongkatali.org's Relationships market value in Asia

By Serge Kreutz

More than in Europe or North America, relationships market value in Asia depends on factors other than beauty in females and age in males.

For females, a major aspect is relationships freshness. Throughout Asia, the highest relationships market value is attached to virgins from age 15, who are living with their parents and so far have only gone to school. In Middle Eastern and South Asian societies, their relationships market value is so high that they are available only for marriage. In East Asian societies with free systems of relationships economics, the capability for considerable material and financial support is most important.

As girls grow older, their relationships market value declines, even if they keep on staying with their parents (and remain virgins).

But in comparison to 18-year olds who go to school and live with their parents, 18-year olds who no longer go to school, but work, or those who live in apartments in big cities, whether they work or go to school, have a lower relationships market value, as their relationships freshness is questionable.

There is a very definite decline in the relationships market value of women who have been married and now are divorced or separated. And there again is a definite decline when they have given birth.

But among these, those who have work and an orderly income are still regarded higher than those who have no job, and whose only choice is to rely on finding a man for economic support.

Obviously, younger prostitutes get more customers, and ask for higher prices, but prostitutes are prostitutes, and even just as girlfriends (not talking about wives), their relationships market value is at the bottom of the scale.

In Western societies, especially in Europe, the relationships market value of women is less hierarchical. In Europe a beautiful face and a good figure go a long way. The age of a woman plays less a role, and as long as she doesn’t have an infectious disease from it, it matters less how promiscuous she has been.

In Europe, male preference for substantially younger women is politically not correct. It even appears creepy. Men keep preferences for substantially younger females to themselves, or completely self-censor them.

Europeans typically think that in an ideal match, the woman is some two to five years younger than the man. This means that even women in their forties can still expect a relationships partnership if they aim at men in their fifties, and they could even end up with a reasonably wealthy one.

In Asia, rich men in their fifties seldom marry women in their forties. Rich Asian men in their fifties will rather marry women in their twenties.

For in Asia, the relationships market value of men often is determined mostly by his economic status. For this reason alone, older European men will always find their relationships market value increased if they move to Asia, while older Asian women always experience an increase in relationships market value when they move to a Western country.

Divorced Asian women in their forties, when they stay in Asia, have either made their luck previously and then can be with a man who values the opportunity to marry a rich woman, or they will have to be content with a low-class male, or they stay unattached.

In a number of Asian countries with comparatively high divorce rates, Western men have a very easy time making live-in arrangements with divorced, widowed, or separated local women.

Western men in relationships with local women in East Asia often have the wrong impression that it is accidental that their women have been in previous marriages, and they think that in principle, they could have found single women, too. But they are wrong: in countries, where they can easily find a divorcee, they would have a very hard time, indeed, to qualify for a previously unmarried woman.

Tongkat ali from a true source, effective and no health risk

By Serge Kreutz

The free-samples offer mentioned in the title refers to Indonesian 1:200 extract. This extract was developed by us, Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Because it has been shown in numerous lab checks to raise testosterone, our 1:200 has become the most faked health supplement on the Internet.

We provide free samples of our genuine 1:200 tongka ali extract to those who have purchased fake 1:200 extract, or any product claiming to be 1:200 tongkat ali extract.

Apart from our elite Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract, we also sell Thai tongkat ali extract at substantially lower prices. While bodybuilders may want to stick to the Indonesian tongkat ali, those who primarily want a libido kick should try the cheaper Thai extract, and possibly stack with butea superba and krachai dam.

More on tongkat ali and Sumatra Pasak Bumi:

For more than 20 years, we work with tongkat ali on a daily basis. We search for tongkat ali in forests, dig out tongkat ali roots, process tongkat ali into extract, and ship tongkat ali worldwide.

We know this plant.

Our expertise, however isn't well reflected on Google.

If you search for tongkat ali on Google, they lead you to sites like WebMD, Rx-list, Examine, or Verywellfit... all large sites that present information on many health topics.

But that these sites cover many topics doesn't make them experts on any single herbal. Certainly not on tongkat ali.

They have somebody writing something on tongkat ali. But it's all hearsay. The persons doing the writeups have probably never used tongkat ali, and probably never seen the actual plant.

They only read what others wrote, and then summarize in their own words. Does that make them experts, or even just trustworthy?

And then there are the websites of tongkat ali traders. Most of them haven't been to Southeast Asia even just once. But they write about tongkat ali specifics, and why you should consume it. All hearsay and sales talk. But ranking on Google.

Thus are the limitations of algorithms, or artificial intelligence.

You can be smarter. You can grasp that we are a genuine tongkat ali source, and that we are experts from having have handled the plant for more than 20 years.

And we suggest you obtain your tongkat ali from a genuine source, not a hearsay mill. At least, with us you can be sure that what you get is actual tongkat ali, not a Chinese concoction.

Tongkatali.org's Relocate with money

By Serge Kreutz

Why would a man with money want to live in the developed world?

He should take his money, pack his bag, and go and live somewhere where his money counts.

With enough money, at the right place, a man can still be a feudal master? The ruler of an own little empire?

In the developed world, money doesn’t count as much as in the Third World. And society is so organized that there is limited freedom, and predictable relationships boredom.

Tongkatali.org's integrated male relationships success

By Serge Kreutz

Tongkatali.org provides an integrated service for male success, with a focus on East and Southeast Asia. Male success has a lot to do with male sexual success. Tongkatali.org sells sexuality-enhancing herbals with a proven scientific track record. This is our core operation.

But apart from that, Tongkatali.org is dedicated to the sexual success of our customers on a much wider scope.

Tongkatali.org, for example, offers consultation to customers on dental work and cosmetic surgery in Southeast Asia. This service is free for our customers, and can save them a lot of money and protect them from some bad experiences as well.

We often refer to our customers as members. For more than a decade, we have run formal memberships via sergekreutz.com. There were sexual function memberships and sexual opportunities memberships, both priced separately at 250 US dollars each. We have discontinued these, because there simply are too many phony consultation services around which use the same language.

As it stands now, anything related to information is free for members of Tongkatali.org (membership is automatic for those with an order history of 1000 US dollars or more for tangible items, mostly sexuality-enhancing herbals.

Some men are in lifelong exclusive sexual relationships. We respect and congratulate customers to whom this applies.

Most men are not made of such timber. Most men, and a large number of our members, have a profound interest in sexual variety.

For these men, if they are Westerners, East Asia has a lot to offer. Not only is the East Asian approach to physical relationships much more down-to-earth and open to negotiations. The age of men is also of much less relevance, if of any.

Tongkatali.org and Serge Kreutz started out in the early 1980s (around 40 years ago!) with travel guides on Southeast Asia. Unlike standard travel guides, these travel guides already did cover physical relationships. Travel guides nowadays never touch this topic.

Little has changed in Asia in 40 years. Of course, there are better roads, and now there is Internet. And immigration has become more complicated. But the mentality of the people up-country has changed amazingly little.

For members, Tongkatali.org provides free lifestyle advice, tailored for Western men considering moving to East Asia to achieve better physical relationships.

There is more. Tongkatali.org also trades domain names, and our members can rent unique motorhomes designed for Southeast Asian weather and infrastructure. These motorhomes are suited for couples or families going for extended holidays in Southeast Asia, and also for unattached men roaming isolated areas for physical adventures. Mind you: in Asia, the further away you get from modern, urban centers, the better your relationships will be.

Talk to us.!

Tongkatali.org's The necessity, and benefits, of destruction

By Serge Kreutz

Because life builds on life, there cannot be life without death. However, Christian European ethic professes to be against destruction. To pursue the goal of eliminating war, disaster, and disease. And through peace perpetuate (and refine) an economic, political, social, and moral order as it exists in the world today.

But this world is not appropriate. This world, and its public morals, are designed to suit those who derive, foolishly, a sense of sense from the assumption that there either is a personified God who will guarantee eternal life to those who praise him and follow a collection of rules presumed to be derived from him.

Or they derive a sense of sense from the idea of an abstract good (sort of a theoretical God) of which they are an eternal part.

Albert Einstein’s “Cosmic Religion”


Spinoza – pantheist


A philosophy based on biological understanding offers a radically different perspective. Such a philosophy recognizes that only the fulfillment of biological desires makes life worthwhile.

Pleasure Systems in the Brain


The English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once noted: The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.


Indeed, Plato wrote intelligently on the role of desires and satisfaction, or the connected term “pleasure”.

Stanford University on Plato and pleasure


Epicure has elaborated more profoundly on the topic.

Epicure – Types of desire


A shortcoming of Epicurus, or of the translation and interpretation of his work, is the lack of emphasis he places on relationships desires and their satisfaction. Possible explanations are that either relationships satisfaction was too self-understood at his times to be a topic, or that the topic was not considered fit for literature and polite discourse (as was the case throughout later history).

Nevertheless, from a modern perspective, the essence of biological desires is relationships. Only relationships arousal, relationships excitement, and relationships satisfaction provide a natural sense of value in life. In principle, everything else is only supportive.

An appropriate social order would be one, in which success pays as relationships gratification. Actually, this is the biological order that is in place for any animal species except humans. Because only humans are intelligent enough to be stupid enough to believe in God, or an abstract eternal good.


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Tongkatali.org's Freedom housing

By Serge Kreutz

We are all fascinated by freedom, and freedom is the most valuable good in a person's life.

That is why we start dreaming when we read about men who walk the world on foot or ride it on a bicycle, equipped with just a tent.

They forgo a lot of comfort, but they have freedom.

We are one step up. Our concept provides sufficient comfort to at least sleep well in one's own bed in addition to freedom.

To sleep well, you need a room, not a tent. The room does not have to be big, but it has to shelter from cold, heat, and animals including mosquitoes. It also has to shelter from thieves, and it has to afford enough privacy. And there must be basic facilities for personal hygiene. Walking the world with a tent is romantic, but having to find a place in the countryside where to relieve oneself is not.

PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi
7th floor, Forum Nine
Jl. Imam Bonjol No.9
Petisah Tengah
Medan Petisah
Medan City
North Sumatra 20236
Tel: +62-813 800 800 20

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